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SIS Medical on the move from a raw gem to a bright diamond

Frauenfeld, December 2016 - SIS Medical AG has moved to a new production facility in Frauenfeld. From there the company is ready to provide higher capacity to serve the increasing demand of balloon catheters of international market's. After the move significant investments will be made to strength the R&D department. 



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The OPN NC Super High Pressure Balloon (RBP 35bar) success story is continuing

Initially recommended and used for the treatment of so called ''undilatable coronary lesions'' after all other NC balloons have failed (very high pressure dilation for undilatable coronary lesions, Gioel Gabriel Secco) and for post dilatation of stent in highly calcified lesions, it has became an important tool in the armamentarium of the Interventional Cardiologist.

In combination with rotablation in highly calcified lesions (see video sequences attached courtesy of Kambis Mashayekhi, MD, Bad Krotzingen). 

 Case: 1: CTO of LCX

Rotablator wire: 1.5mm burr

Wire exchange to ConfiancaPro and stenting of LCX 


DES implantation after rotablation:

Stent not fully expanded

Post dilatation with OPN NC at 50atm 


Final result



Case 2: 

Watch Video: Rotablation used in combination with OPN NC


Note: SIS Medical does not recommend to inflate the OPN NC higher then 35 RBP. 

The use of extended pressures remains in responsibility of each operator.