BEO NC - Low Profile High Pressure PTCA Balloon

Your High Performance Work Horse Balloon Catheter For Pre- and Post-dilation (RBP 21atm)


- Unique two-step tip design with red (soft) and intermediate (yellow) part for better trackability and a better crossing of stent struts
- Excellent lesion crossing profil (0.022’’ for BEO NC 1.5 - meassured on the ballon platinum marker)

- High rated burst pressure (RBP) 21atm

- Low compliance with linear compliance curve over a wide pressure range (nominal 10atm - RPB 21atm)

- Min. guide: 5F

- For Kissing - balloon technique: 5F min. guide for a combination of all balloon diameters (1.5mm - 4.5mm)

- Two platinum marker for the sizes 2.0mm - 4.5mm, one central marker for the size 1.5mm 


- All standard PCI's 

- Pre.- and post-dilation

- Excellent in crossing stent struts

- For the proximal optimizing technique (POT)


- Very good crossability

- Better results in pre- and post-dilatation in combination with DES (drug eluting stents)

- OCT proven better apposition of stent struts


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