Become and remain OP(E)N minded!

After more than 10 years available on the market and with more than 60'000 calcified coronary arteries successfully treated (approx. 20'000 within the last 12 months), which means: optimal lesion preparation prior stenting achieved, residual stenosis eliminated, so called undilatable lesions dilated, ISR successfully treated and more; the OPN NC Super High Pressure Balloon has widely proven it`s great effectiveness and safety and it`s large potential for the future for the treatment of complex and calcified lesions. The increasing demand for this product is showing that the convinced community of users is growing fast.

Still, the OPN NC is mainly spelled like O – P – N , this is not the idea! Simply spell it OP(E)N because this is all the meaning in short! " TO OPEN " narrowed arteries to achieve best lesion preparation or postdilatation of suboptimal implanted stents with residual stenosis, treat successfully ISR and more. In order to provide your patients with the best lumen and blood flow for a potentially long lasting and event free result. A very rewarding achievement for your patients, yourself as the responsible operator and for us as developer, producer and marketer of this extraordinary device.

Therefore: "Become and remain OP(E)N minded!"

Thank you for your great work and support!

Yours sincerely

Willi Zwahlen


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