Nic 1.1 hydro CTO PTCA Dilatation Catheter

NIC 1.1 hydro -  For subtotal and total occlusions




- Small balloon diameter 1.1mm at nominal pressure

- High rated burst pressure (RBP) 21atm

- low compliance

- Lesion Crossing Profil: 0.0205'' 

- Hydrophilic coating on Balloon and distal Shaft

- New HUB / luer design provides better handling and easy identification of Balloon type, diameter and length  

- Unique tapered tip  

- 1 single central - marker  

- Min. guide: 5F    

- Diameter: 1.1mm  

- Length: 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm 



- Successful treatment of subtotal occlusions or even CTO’s (chronical total occlusions)  

- Excellent pre-dilation of tightest lesions 

- For overstented side - branches

- For expanding stent - cells 

- Instead of using microcatheter



- Better crossing of very small lesion diameters (CTO’s) compaired to other balloons 

- hydrophilic coating proving excellent crossability in tightest lesions 

- low compliance and high pressure resistance for successful pre-dilation of calcified lesions where force and safety is needed


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