NIC Nano hydro CTO Balloon

NIC Nano hydro - The combination of an Ultra low Profile, excellent trackability and hydrophilic coating are key to a successful treatment of tightest lesions and CTO's.



- Smallest crossing profile on the market 0.0195''

- Proximal single marker position for better crossability of stent struts and total occlusions

- Hydrophilic coating on balloon and distal shaft

- New HUB / luer design provides better handling and easy identification of balloon type, diameter and length      

- Min. guide: 5F       

- Crossing profile: 0.0195’’   

- High rated burst pressure: 21atm 

- Low compliance  

- Diameter: 0.85mm  

- Length: 6mm, 10mm, 15mm 



-    Successful treatment of CTO’s (chronic total occlusions) 

-    The balloon of choice prior to the use of a rotablator 

-    Re-crossing of overstented side – branches

-    Guide wire support 


- Better crossing of subtotal and total occlusions (CTO’s) than other balloons

- Successfully used to cross over-stented side - branches 

- High pressure resistant


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