OPN NC - Super High Pressure PTCA Balloon


Unique twin layer balloon construction - providing highest RBP - 32atm



- Twin layer balloon construction with virtually zero dog - boning effect

- Super high pressure PTCA balloon (RBP 32atm)

- Long tapered tip design for a better crossability

- Better crossing profile (0.028’’ 2.0mm) than scoring- and cutting balloons 

- Min Guiding Catheter 6 F

- Two platinum markers for all sizes: available from 1.5 - 4.5mm diameter

- Linear compliance curve up to over 40atm


Lowest compliance on the market!


Compliance Chart:


Indications for high- and super high-pressure dilations:

- Highly calcified lesions

- Un-dilatable lesions

- In combination with rotablation

- CTO's (CTO - chronic total occlusions)

- Successful treatment of  in-stent-restenosis

- Pre- and post-dilation in combination with BVS (Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold)

- Replacing cutting- and scoring balloons 

- The most economical solution for complex PTCA


Experience after successful treatment of over 80,000 patients:

- Lower rates of dissections

- No reported perforations

- Good results in pre- and post-dilatation by using BVS = no damages to stentstruts 

- Better stent apposition (shown in optical coherence tomography - OCT)

- Successful treatment of in-stentrestenosis (ISR)

- An effective and safe strategy to treat highly calcified lesions


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