Xtrac EC Aspiration Catheter

For Coronary Thrombectomy



- Long rapid exchange part for better trackability (25cm)
- Supporting stiffening stylet – for a high pushability and kink restictance of the catheter
- Hydrophilic coating on the distal 25cm of the catheter
- Large aspriation lumen providing a high aspiration capacity (6F inner lumen: 0.041’’ and 7F inner lumen 0.053’’)
- Total lengh: 145cm
- Distal radioparque marker: 3mm from distal tip
- 6F compatible with 6F Guiding Catheter
- 7F compatible with 7F Guiding Catheter



- Thrombus aspiration for coronary arteries 



-    Very fast thrombus aspiration (60ml syringe saving time)
-    Highly kinik - resistant 
-    very good trackability

-    Easy access to distal vessel anatomy  

Case report



1. Xtrac EC 6F Aspiration Catheter: ref.nr: 04030271

2. Xtrac Ec 7F Aspiration Catheter: ref. nr.: 04030272

The Aspiration Catheter Set include:

1x Aspiration Catheter 6F or7F
1x Stiffening Stylet
1x Apiration Syring 60ml
1x Line Extension with one way stopcock
1x Instruction of use